Hidden Hotel Mod


Tilting Point
June 13, 2023
146 MB
Android 5.0 and up
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Mod Features

Unlimited Money


Hidden Hotel Mod: Miami Mystery – Restore the Inn and Uncover Family Secrets. Welcome to Hidden Hotel Mod: Miami Mystery, where you embark on a thrilling adventure as you take ownership of a family inn in need of restoration. Help Oliver and Emily solve the mystery of the house and discover the missing family treasure. Search for hidden objects and bring the manor back to life. Let the mysterious journey begin!

Key Features

  • Explore stunning scenes and uncover hidden objects.
  • Restore the inn and decorate its interiors.
  • Collect clues and unravel secrets.

Discover Hidden Objects

In Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Mod, the family inn requires a thorough cleaning and new furnishings. However, instead of hiring a cleaning service, you’ll take matters into your own hands by searching for and finding hidden objects. The faster you locate them, the more coins you earn.

Try Different Search Modes

Explore locations in various hidden object game modes. Search for objects by their names in Word Search mode. In Silhouette mode, find items by matching their outlines. In Reverse Words mode, object names are scrambled. And in Cobweb mode, clear cobwebs to tidy up the hotel rooms.

Utilize Boosters

In Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Mod, magic lamps highlight secret game artifacts, while clocks provide extra time for finding objects. Keys unlock three items in a location, and radars temporarily reveal all clues in the search scene.

Plan and Decorate the Inn

Search for hidden objects to take on the task of renovating the hotel. Find delicious pastries to prepare the kitchen, dolls to decorate the gift shop, and flowers to adorn the guest suites. Customize your luxurious mansion and restore the tropical garden through engaging hidden object games.

Become a Detective

Embark on eleven unique search tasks in this hotel game. As you progress, you’ll uncover a dark secret, possibly a crime! Find small clues to unravel the captivating mystery.

Welcome Home

Do you enjoy mysterious adventure puzzles and finding hidden objects? Join the exciting detective story of Hidden Hotel, design the house, and prove that you possess exceptional search and find skills.