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November 2, 2023
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PUBG MOBILE KR Mod Menu is the first battleground and online multiplayer game developed by the game company KRAFTON inc. In this PUBG game, it can be played in several modes, namely Solo mode, Duo mode, and Squad mode where survivors can form a team of four with their friends.

If you are not a Korean user, you must use a Korean VPN to playing pubg mobile KR. Download Solo VPN for PUBG KR


FPS sport for android ranks 1st in many nations with tens of hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide. Why Pubg Mobile is the recreation so attractive? Read the article for review.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) is very popular in the global gaming community, each with PC and Xbox versions. With the fast increase of cellular games, PUBG builders catch the possibilities and introduce to game enthusiasts PUBG cell apk version. Is it well worth your time to make investments in? You will have an splendid reply after going thru our Pubg Mobile Review.

What is PUBG?

To make it simple, PUBG is a taking pictures game. It is stimulated through the film “Battle Royal” which used to be directed via a Japanese director and launched in 2000. Up to a hundred gamers habits a free-fall parachute leap and land on a abandoned island. Then, they will search for weapons and different essential gear to battle in opposition to every other.

You can pick out anything approach to play this game. You can run, hide, ambush, use a decoy, or all-in in a one-on-one battle. Because there is solely one sole survivor (or sole duos/ squad of four – relying on your recreation mode), the mission is performed when you do away with all different gamers (or teams).

About PUBG apk for mobile

PUBG was once first launched on PC via a Korean business enterprise and respectable launched on Xbox a 12 months later. PUBG Mobile APK used to be delivered through Tencent, the world’s biggest income Chinese sport company. Despite being developed by means of a unique recreation maker, the sport brings the identical ride as the PC and console variations in phrases of content.

PUBG Mobile APK right now turns into a massive hit no longer solely due to the fact of the photos and gameplay that is comparable to its PC version, however additionally due to the fact it is absolutely free. This survival recreation positioned on pinnacle Android and iOS sport rankings in many countries, with tens of thousands and thousands of downloads after simply two weeks of release. You can down load PUBG Mobile APK at the give up of this article.


If you have ever performed PUBG on PC or Xbox, you will rapidly understand that the images of PUBG Mobile are adjusted in a extra simplifying way. Inside the houses, the whole lot now appears pretty empty and small.

Even the texture of the recreation is additionally reduced. For example, at the opening section of the game, when gamers parachute, you can’t pick out absolutely the important points of the island like you generally see on the PC version. Instead, the complete scenes are blanketed through fog. However, the small print of the recreation are nevertheless enough in contrast to the small display screen of the mobile.

Sound designs

Sound is one of the many matters contributing to recreation success. Especially in taking pictures games, it is imperative to hear to the motion of the environment or to hear to enemy footsteps. It can assist gamers to become aware of the motion of the enemies and create an benefit in the match.

You will be sucked into the “Battle Royal” world with the most sensible sounds. The producer indicates excellent care to sound designs in PUBG Mobile APK. You can hear the severe clack of enemy footsteps. You can hear to the sound of the gunfire from afar. Different postures and actions such as strolling, leaning and crawling… make extraordinary sounds so you can choose the opponent’s actions.


As stated above, PUBG Mobile APK gameplay is almost no exclusive from the Xbox version. You can select to play solo, ideal couple (duo), or in a group of 4 (squad). The recreation has solely one scene. Players will search for weapons and gear scattered on the island and then hunt every other. Your intention is to come to be the ultimate individual to survive.

If you have by no means skilled the PC and Xbox versions, Forcefield is a gameplay component that is blanketed in PUBG and different comparable sport titles. It is an vicinity of harm that motives all gamers inside it to lose health, constrained through a secure area. Its predominant goal is to velocity up the melee and restrict the most time of the match.

Forcefield is nearly like a “hunger cycle” gathering all the surviving gamers after a positive quantity of time, forcing “strangers” to combat to the death. Without it, the war will closing forever, particularly when many gamers select to “camp” in a “hidden corner” ready for time to ignore by way of rather of dashing into the game.

Besides, PUBG Mobile APK additionally provides the mountaineering capabilities that are solely reachable on the respectable PC version. The sport additionally has some minimap changes to aid cellular players, like signs and symptoms displaying footsteps and gunfire for those who do now not put on headphones or open audio system when playing

Another interesting phase of this recreation is without actual players; you may additionally come upon some NPCs. They assist to help new gamers so they can get acquainted with the game. The greater the player’s stage is, the decrease the probabilities of NPCs performing will be. Instead, greater real gamers will be replaced.


This is the biggest challenger to now not solely PUBG however any FPS (First-person shooter) video games as well, which requires agility in each and every situation. Each motion is carried out via contact buttons on the screen, which motives many difficulties when taking control, specifically when shooting.

You can no longer precisely shoot and cross flexibly to keep away from enemy bullets, and vice versa, even if capturing assist is enabled. You can trade the controls so you can each avert and shoot with the facets of the screen, however it will take a lot of time to get used to.

Requirement for mobile

PUBG Mobile is launched on Android and iOS. The Android model requires Android 5.1.1 and has at least 2GB of RAM, whilst the iOS model requires iPhone 6 and iOS eleven or higher.

Final words

PUBG Mobile APK can provide the actual experiences that most gamers initially get from it on PC and Xbox. However, it nonetheless suffers from some controlling problems that make it challenging for novices or even knowledgeable gamers to reap full control.

The producer provides a new replace like each month. New aspects and upgrades are developed to carry gamers the most first-rate experience. You can get worn-out however now not bored even a little with PUBG Mobile APK.

There is an historical pronouncing “Only exercise makes perfect”. And I suppose it is actual for any situation. If you are new to PUBG, this is a extraordinary recreation that you have to no longer miss. If you have some experiences taking part in PUBG on PC or Xbox, you ought to attempt out PUBG Mobile APK. Hopefully, you do no longer get too addicted to it.

PUBG Mobile is a hostilities royale style survival recreation the place a couple of customers battle in opposition to one any other primarily based on their very own tactic with various firearms and gadgets to be the closing one standing. PUBG is a multi-play recreation imparting free-to-play one-on-one fits and crew fits and holds esports each and every season bringing in various attractions.

Free play on the cell phone-Unreal Engine four engine technology, exceptional high-definition photo nice and actual 3D sound effects, reproduce the extraordinary pleasant of the recreation console on the cellular phone. Provide custom-made cellular cellphone settings, education modes and immediately voice communication, permitting you to easily manage on the cell phone, ride the actual ballistic analogy and excessive recuperation bodily shock.

Diverse Entertainment Modes-From the traditional 100-player aggressive mode, full firepower mode, to the severe 4v4 crew deathmatch and zombie mode, there is constantly one of your favorites. Choose Solo, Duo, or 4-person Squad, and then fire! Be the lone wolf or be a part of the guild to reply to the name of duty! FPS (first man or woman perspective) and TPS (third individual perspective) are optional. A range of discount vehicles, let you have magnificent running feel, with unique battlefield characteristics, select your different vehicle, and march into the circle of destiny!

In this app, gamers can solely use content material furnished in Korea.

How to Install OBB file

Download the obb file according to a version you installed then extract the .zip file with the Zarchiver App.

Move the .obb file to storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile/

create the folder com.pubg.krmobile if it doesn’t exist.

How to Run PUBG Mobile KR

If you are not a Korean user, you must use a Korean VPN to playing pubg mobile KR. Download If you are not a Korean user, you must use a Korean VPN to playing pubg mobile KR. Download Solo VPN for PUBG KR on Play Store.

Mod Features

  • ESP Player
  • ESP Name
  • ESP Health
  • ESP Location
  • Show ID Player
  • Aimbot
  • Bullet Tracks
  • And Many More

Warning: Risk banned. use a new account to try!

Install OBB: Extract zip file and move the .obb file to storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile/