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May 21, 2024
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Android 4.4 and up
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Sniper 3D Mod is a popular mobile game available on the Google Play Store. This first-person shooter (FPS) game has gained widespread popularity for its intense gameplay, stunning graphics, and engaging missions.

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About Sniper 3D

The core of Sniper 3D revolves around the player assuming the role of a skilled sniper tasked with eliminating various targets. Players engage in a series of missions, each presenting different scenarios and challenges. The game’s controls are user-friendly, allowing players to easily aim, shoot, and zoom in on their targets. The realistic physics and animations contribute to the immersive gaming experience, making each shot feel impactful.

Sniper 3D features a diverse range of missions, from rescuing hostages to preventing terrorist attacks. Each mission comes with unique objectives and settings, adding variety to the gameplay. The difficulty increases as players progress, requiring them to adapt their strategies and upgrade their weapons to overcome more formidable opponents.

The game offers a wide array of sniper rifles and other weapons that players can unlock and upgrade. Earning in-game currency allows players to purchase new firearms, enhance their existing ones, and acquire additional gear to improve their overall performance. The customization options add an element of strategy as players choose the best loadout for each mission.

Sniper 3D boasts impressive graphics, with detailed environments and realistic character models. The game’s visuals contribute to the overall immersive experience, whether players are navigating urban landscapes or engaging in long-range sniper duels. The sound effects, including the firing of weapons and ambient noises, further enhance the game’s atmosphere.

In addition to its single-player missions, Sniper 3D offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in real-time sniper duels. This adds a competitive element to the game, allowing players to test their skills against a global player base.

While the game is free to play, it does include in-app purchases for virtual currency and other items. Players can choose to invest real money to expedite their progress, unlock premium content, or acquire exclusive weapons and gear.

Sniper 3D has built a strong community of players who share tips, strategies, and engage in discussions about the game. The developers regularly release updates to introduce new missions, weapons, and features, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.


In conclusion, Sniper 3D offers an engaging and thrilling sniper experience for mobile gamers. With its realistic graphics, diverse missions, and multiplayer mode, the game continues to captivate players worldwide, providing a satisfying blend of action and strategy on the go.

Mod Features

Unlimited Coins (Coins increases when spent)