Truck Simulator Europe Mod


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Zuuks Games
August 9, 2022
150 MB
Android 5.0 and Up

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Mod Features

Unlimited Money


Truck Simulator Europe Mod, offers a realistic and immersive truck driving experience set across the beautiful landscapes and cities of Europe. As a professional truck driver, you will transport various cargoes across long distances, navigating through diverse terrains and weather conditions. The game features stunning graphics, authentic driving physics, and a wide range of trucks and trailers to choose from, making it a must-play for simulation enthusiasts.

Features of Truck Simulator Europe

1. Realistic Truck Driving Experience:

  • Enjoy true-to-life driving physics that simulate the handling and performance of real trucks.
  • Navigate through accurately modeled European cities, highways, and rural roads.

2. Wide Range of Trucks and Trailers:

  • Choose from a variety of licensed trucks and customize them with different paint jobs, accessories, and performance upgrades.
  • Attach different types of trailers depending on the cargo you need to transport.

3. Detailed Environments:

  • Explore detailed environments with realistic weather conditions, day and night cycles, and dynamic traffic systems.
  • Drive through iconic European landmarks and scenic routes.

4. Career Mode:

  • Start your career as a truck driver and take on various cargo delivery missions.
  • Earn money to buy new trucks, upgrade your fleet, and expand your trucking business.

5. Challenging Missions:

  • Complete diverse missions that require careful planning and skillful driving.
  • Handle different types of cargo, from fragile items to heavy loads.

6. Customizable Controls:

  • Adjust the control settings to your preference, whether using tilt, buttons, or a virtual steering wheel.
  • Fine-tune the sensitivity and layout for the best driving experience.

7. Multiplayer Mode:

  • Join the online multiplayer mode to compete and cooperate with other players.
  • Participate in multiplayer events and challenges for additional rewards.

8. Fuel Management and Truck Maintenance:

  • Manage fuel consumption and refuel at gas stations to keep your truck running.
  • Perform regular maintenance and repairs to ensure your truck’s optimal performance.

9. Immersive Sound Effects:

  • Experience realistic engine sounds, road noise, and ambient sounds that enhance the immersion.
  • Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack that complements the driving experience.

How to Play Truck Simulator Europe Mod

1. Getting Started:

  • Launch the game and go through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the basic controls and gameplay mechanics.

2. Selecting Your Truck:

  • Choose your starting truck from the available options.
  • Customize your truck with different colors, decals, and accessories if desired.

3. Starting a Mission:

  • Select a cargo delivery mission from the job list.
  • Attach the appropriate trailer to your truck and review the route on the map.

4. Driving and Navigation:

  • Use the on-screen controls to drive your truck. Adjust the control settings to suit your preference.
  • Follow the GPS directions to navigate to your destination, paying attention to traffic signs and signals.

5. Managing Your Truck:

  • Monitor your fuel level and refuel at gas stations when necessary.
  • Keep an eye on your truck’s condition and visit service stations for maintenance and repairs.

6. Completing Missions:

  • Deliver the cargo to the designated location within the given time frame.
  • Park your truck accurately to complete the delivery and earn your reward.

7. Expanding Your Fleet:

  • Use the money earned from deliveries to buy new trucks and trailers.
  • Upgrade your existing trucks with better engines, tires, and other enhancements.


Truck Simulator Europe offers an authentic and engaging truck driving experience, complete with realistic environments, diverse missions, and detailed trucks. Whether you’re a fan of driving simulations or just looking for a new challenge, this game provides endless hours of entertainment on the open road.