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april 5, 2024
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Magic Tiles 3 mod – is a popular music rhythm game. In Magic Tiles, players must tap the correct tiles in time with the music. The game features a variety of different songs from different genres, including pop, classical, and electronic music. Each song has a different level of difficulty, with faster songs and more complex rhythms requiring faster reflexes and better timing.

Table of Contents

The game features a simple interface with a grid of tiles that light up and move in time with the music. Players must tap the correct tiles in order to keep the music playing and progress through the song. The game also features different modes and challenges, such as timed challenges or endless modes where players can see how far they can get without making a mistake.

How to play Magic Tiles 3

Here is a basic guide on how to play Magic Tiles 3:

1. Choose a song: From the main menu, select a song to play. The game features a variety of different songs from different genres.

2. Tap the black tiles: As the song plays, black tiles will move across the screen from right to left. You must tap the black tiles as they reach the bottom of the screen to keep the music playing.

3. Avoid the white tiles: Some tiles will be white instead of black. Do not tap the white tiles, as this will end the game.

4. Follow the rhythm: The key to success in Magic Tiles 3 is to follow the rhythm of the music. The tiles move and light up in time with the music, so pay attention to the patterns and timing.

5. Earn points: Each time you tap a tile, you earn points. The faster and more accurately you tap the tiles, the more points you will earn. Try to aim for a high score by tapping as many tiles as possible without making a mistake.

6. Unlock new songs: As you play and earn points, you can unlock new songs and challenges. Keep playing to unlock more songs and increase your score.

7. Customize your experience: Magic Tiles 3 also features a variety of customization options, such as different themes and backgrounds. You can also purchase additional songs and challenges if you want to expand your experience.

That’s a basic guide on how to play Magic Tiles 3. Remember to practice and be patient, as the game can be challenging at higher levels of difficulty. Have fun and enjoy the music!


Magic Tiles has become popular for its addictive gameplay, simple interface, and wide variety of songs. It has spawned multiple sequels and spin-off games, as well as a large community of players who compete for high scores and share their experiences on social media platforms.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Featured