Kingdom Wars Mod


4.3/5 Votes: 286,379
January 17, 2024
64 MB
Android 4.4 and Up

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Mod Features

  • Diamonds increase when spent

Note: Go to shop - buy told - select 100 diamonds.  you will get free coins and diamonds will increase


Kingdom Wars Mod – Fun Tower Defense game. Find the best strategy to attack the Orc’s tower. Either defeat them or be defeated. This is a real-time strategy game that looks easy but requires substantial brainpower. Are you willing to test your strategic skills and decision-making skills on your feet? Most tower defense games are fun but this game is on another level. Fun and addicting tower defense game is right on your sight waiting for you to join.

About Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars Mod Tower Defense is an exciting Android game that belongs to the tower defense genre.

In the game, players take on the role of a commander that is tasked with defending their kingdom from enemy forces. The gameplay is simple yet challenging – players must strategically place different types of towers and troops on the battlefield to stop enemy waves from invading their kingdom.

The game features a variety of towers and troops that players can use to defend their kingdom. Each tower has its unique abilities and strengths that can be upgraded to make them more powerful. Players can also train troops to fight alongside their towers, further strengthening their defenses.

Kingdom Wars Tower Defense offers different game modes for players to choose from, including campaign mode and endless mode. In campaign mode, players progress through different levels, each with increasing difficulty. In endless mode, players can test their skills and defenses against an endless onslaught of enemies to see how long they can survive.

One of the best things about Kingdom Wars Tower Defense is the graphics and visual effects of the game. The game features beautiful, high-quality graphics with vibrant colors that make the game come to life. The sound effects and background music are also impressive and create an immersive gaming experience.

Kingdom Wars Game Features

1. Tower defense gameplay: Kingdom Wars is a tower defense game at its core, where players must place towers and troops to defend their kingdom from enemy attacks.

2. Multiple game modes: The game offers different game modes, including campaign mode and endless mode, offering variety and a range of challenges.

3. Upgradeable towers and troops: Players can upgrade their towers and troops to make them more powerful and effective in battle.

4. Strategy elements: In addition to tower defense, Kingdom Wars also includes strategy elements such as resource management, base building, and troop deployment.

5. Epic boss battles: The game features epic boss battles where players must use their strategy and tower defense skills to defeat powerful enemy bosses.

6. Unique heroes and abilities: Players can unlock and use unique heroes with powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

7. PvP battles: Kingdom Wars also includes PvP battles, where players can compete against other players in real-time battles.

8. Beautiful graphics and visuals: The game features beautiful, high-quality graphics and visual effects that enhance the overall gaming experience.

9. Frequent updates: The game receives frequent updates that add new content, features and fix bugs, ensuring that players always have something new to explore and enjoy.


Kingdom Wars Tower Defense is an excellent game that is sure to provide hours of fun for tower defense fans. With its challenging gameplay, exciting game modes, and stunning graphics, it is a game that will keep players hooked for a long time. If you are a fan of tower defense games, then Kingdom Wars Tower Defense is definitely worth checking out.