Junkyard Builder Simulator Mod 1.76


FreeMind Games
December 22, 2022
102 MB
Android 5.1 and Up
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Junkyard Builder Simulator Mod – In the world of simulation games, where players can immerse themselves in various scenarios and roles, the Junkyard Builder Simulator stands out as a unique and intriguing addition. Developed by a team passionate about both creative construction and resource management, this game offers players the opportunity to turn scrap and discarded materials into functional treasures. With a blend of creativity, strategy, and hands-on building, Junkyard Builder Simulator presents an engaging and rewarding experience.


Junkyard Builder Simulator transports players into the shoes of an aspiring engineer and craftsman who has taken on the challenge of managing a junkyard and transforming it into a thriving workshop. The game revolves around the concept of repurposing and recycling, where players must salvage and gather various pieces of scrap, machinery, and discarded items to create innovative and functional devices.


1. Scrap Hunting: Players embark on expeditions to acquire different types of scrap materials. Abandoned factories, junkyards, and even the streets become treasure troves as players search for valuable components.

2. Workshop Management: As the junkyard’s owner, players need to organize their workspace efficiently. Assigning workbenches, arranging tools, and optimizing the layout are essential tasks to enhance productivity.

3. Crafting and Building: The heart of the game lies in the crafting system. Players can dismantle, combine, and reassemble parts to construct unique machines and gadgets. From crafting rudimentary contraptions to intricate mechanisms, the possibilities are vast.

4. Innovation and Design: Creativity takes center stage as players experiment with different combinations of materials to achieve desired results. Designing both functional and visually appealing items becomes a challenge worth mastering.

5. Challenges and Missions: To keep the gameplay engaging, Junkyard Builder Simulator offers various challenges and missions. These tasks range from repairing broken appliances for customers to creating specialized equipment for specific purposes.

6. Economy and Trading: As the junkyard’s reputation grows, players can engage in trading with other characters. This allows them to acquire rare components, sell their creations, and expand their inventory.

7. Progression System: The game features a progression system that rewards players for their achievements and encourages them to unlock new tools, materials, and workbenches.

8. Environmental Themes: Junkyard Builder Simulator subtly addresses environmental concerns by promoting recycling and repurposing. It encourages players to find value in discarded items, reducing waste and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Visuals and Sound

The game’s art style is a charming blend of realism and creativity. Detailed depictions of junkyards and workshops contrast with the imaginative and unique creations players can craft. The sound design complements the gameplay, with the clanking of tools and the hum of machinery immersing players in the world of the junkyard.


Junkyard Builder Simulator offers a refreshing take on the simulation genre by combining resource management, crafting, and innovation into an enjoyable gameplay experience. With its emphasis on recycling and creative problem-solving, the game not only entertains but also encourages players to think differently about the potential of discarded materials. Whether you’re a fan of simulation games or simply intrigued by the idea of turning junk into treasure, Junkyard Builder Simulator promises hours of engaging and rewarding gameplay.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Emerald