Brotato Mod


Erabit Studios
May 16, 2023
122 MB
Android 6.0 and Up

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Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money (Spuds)
  • Unlimited Reroll

Spuds increases when spent


Brotato Mod – is a top-down arena shooter roguelite game that challenges you to fight off hordes of aliens using up to six weapons simultaneously. As the only potato capable of handling such a feat, Brotato must survive in a hostile environment until rescued by his comrades.

The game features auto-firing weapons by default with an option for manual aiming, making for fast-paced runs of under 30 minutes. With dozens of customizable characters to choose from, including one-handed, crazy, lucky, mage, and more, and hundreds of weapons and items such as flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, sticks, and stones, players can create unique builds to survive waves lasting 20 to 90 seconds.

As you progress through each level, collect materials to gain experience and purchase items from the shop between waves of enemies. The game also offers accessibility options, allowing players to adjust the health, damage, and speed of enemies to find the right difficulty level for them.

Brotato is an exciting and challenging game that offers a unique gameplay experience. With its fast-paced action, customizable characters, and a variety of weapons and items, players are sure to have fun surviving against the alien horde.

How to play Brotato

1. Download and install the game Brotato on your device. Launch the game from your device’s app drawer.

2. Once the game is launched, you’ll see the main menu, which has several options such as Play. Tap on the “Play” button to start the game.

3. You’ll then be taken to the level selection screen, where you can choose the level you want to play.

4. After selecting a level, the game will start, and you’ll be placed in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other enemies.

5. Use the on-screen controls to move your character around and aim your weapon.

6. You can switch between different weapons by tapping on the “Weapon” button located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

7. You can also pick up various items and power-ups throughout the game to help you in your mission.

8. Try to complete each level by defeating all the enemies and reaching the end goal.

It’s important to note that the game is designed to be challenging, so you may need to play a level multiple times to complete it successfully. Additionally, upgrading your weapons and skills can help make the game easier.