Zombies vs Farmer 2 Mod


SingleStar. LLC
February 23, 2023
68 MB
Android 5.0 an Up
Google Play

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Zombies vs Farmer 2 Mod – It’s harvest time, and the vicious zombies have returned to wreak havoc. But fear not! Secure your gates and let’s dive into building and upgrading with fervor! Construct powerful plant shooters, strengthen your lightning grass energy storage, and don’t forget to improve your pasture for an abundant supply of sunlight. Watch as the zombie waves crumble, and the tides of victory gradually turn in your favor.

Explore the World

The latest version of “Zombie vs. Farmer 2” offers over a dozen new scene maps to put your skills to the test. Journey through lush grasslands, treacherous valleys filled with lava traps at the foot of a volcano, and even venture into a snow-capped ice world. You’ll also have the opportunity to stroll on the moon and engage in battles against cosmic zombies through countless rounds.

Unlock Super Talents

Prepare yourself for a plethora of natural abilities waiting to be discovered. Start each game with a massive amount of sunlight resources with the “Sunlight Start” talent. Unleash devastating damage with the “Angry Strike” ability, as your plant shooter deals ten times its normal attack power. And with “Rapid Load,” the more your shooter attacks, the faster its firing speed becomes. Rumor has it that there are even legendary hidden talents awaiting your discovery!

Beware of Mysterious Zombies

This game introduces an array of menacing monsters compared to its predecessor. Keep an eye out for scarecrow zombie troops, terrifying lava creatures, the snow mountain beast wielding a stick, and the challenging moon zombies from the other side of the universe. These formidable foes will test your skills with an exceptional level of difficulty!

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Sun & Energy
  • Free upgrade item

Note: You can get Unlimited sun & Energy in the game