Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod


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Viva Games Studios
December 3, 2023
66 MB
Android 4.4 and up

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Mod Features

Unlimited Money


Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod – Feel the activity and endure this end times ghastliness in extraordinary compared to other free zombie marksman shooting match-ups. Partake in this endurance by being a zombie tracker and killing them in a difficult first individual shooter (FPS) with 3D designs.

Zombies stroll among us! You are one of only a handful few overcomers of a pandemic disease. The zombie end of the world started after a researcher dropped a vial of infection in a mysterious lab. Notwithstanding military lockdown, in a couple of hours the zombie disease episode arrived at the outside and presently the living dead are rising, chasing people to take care of themselves.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod – As a world class marksman expert sharpshooter you have insight in shooting reach and you were prepared in military technique for tumult, activity and endurance war games. This could be your keep going day on Earth so getting away from your sanctuary and transforming into a Zombie Hunter is your solitary expect endurance in this zombie end of the world.

FPS endurance ongoing interaction:

In this FPS game you need to pick the best expert sharpshooter rifle, load projectiles, pull the trigger to start shooting and chase down every one of the zombies in your manner. Protect powerless casualties in this zombies end of the world by shooting undeads before they change as well!

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod – Stock up your sharpshooter arsenal and be the best zombie tracker, pick and update weapons from expert rifleman rifles to crossbows, bazookas, shotguns, attack rifles, guns or automatic weapons. Play with your #1 weapons in this FPS zombie end times endurance game.

Chase and kill a wide range of zombies: feeble creeping undead or solid super zombies that will test your expert rifleman abilities of perception, adroitness and marksmanship in this end times shooting mission. Search from covered up spots, discover zombies and kill the objective before it’s past the point of no return!

Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod

· Kill zombies before time closes.

· Upgrade your marksman rifle.

· Shoot plunder boxes with catalysts.

· Several missions of end times endurance activity.

· Survive in open end times milestones.

· Different firearms and weapons.

· FPS (first individual shooter) endurance game play.

· Play disconnected or on the web.

Partake in a zombie end of the world exemplary shooter game. FPS activity, loathsomeness and endurance stirred up in a marksman shooting match-up that will help your adrenaline by being a zombie tracker. Get by to this zombie end of the world. Reload your expert rifleman rifle, practice your tracker abilities and begin going for endurance.


Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod Situations:

Would you be able to be the best Zombie Hunter in this Apocalypse? Work on your expert rifleman/tracker abilities in a FPS mode, battle in open spots and various levels in this end of the world endurance to discover the harrowing tale from Day Zero to 180.

· Urban city: Jacksonville

· Camping: Caravan of the Dead

· Theme Park: Amusement zombie

· Coast: Dead Port and Snow: Arctic Z.

Endure each time firing the best rifleman rifle and demonstrate your FPS shooter abilities. Become a genuine zombie tracker and kill them all!

Appreciate shooting zombies anyplace! A standout amongst other FPS games. Download free Zombie Hunter game to play various missions in open milestones. Zombie Hunter is an on the web or disconnected FPS game, you can even avoid any and all risks a long way from the end times or an aftermath in an underground dugout!

Let the zombie end of the world shooting start!