WhatsAuto Reply Mod


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September 29, 2022
10 MB
Android 5.0 and Up
Google Play

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WhatsAuto Reply Mod is an app bot designed for auto-reply messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Telegram, and others. It is incredibly simple to use and provides instant chat replies, making it an extremely useful application.

WhatsAuto Features

1. Simple Turn On: Activate the auto-reply function with a single touch, eliminating the need for complicated setup requirements.

2. Contact Selection: Choose specific contacts to whom you want to send auto replies.

3. Group Support: WhatsAuto supports group messaging, allowing you to send auto replies to any groups within your messaging app.

4. Support for All Messengers: This app works with all popular social messaging apps. With WhatsAuto, you can send auto replies across multiple social messaging platforms.

5. Build Your Bot: Easily create your own chat bot without requiring advanced technical skills. WhatsAuto simplifies the bot-building process.

6. Backup: Safeguard your bot messages by backing them up to your smartphone storage or Google Drive. You can restore them whenever needed.

7. Smart Reply: Customize the response time for auto replies. You can set WhatsAuto to send auto replies instantly, after a specific time delay, or only once.

8. Schedule: Set specific times for WhatsAuto to turn on and off automatically, ensuring auto replies are sent during your desired hours. This feature is particularly useful when you’re outside of business hours.

9. Driving Mode: Utilize the AI-powered driving mode, which detects when you’re driving and manages incoming messages by informing senders that you’re unavailable. This helps prevent accidents and ensures hassle-free driving.

WhatsAuto Reply Mod simplifies the process of sending auto replies, making it an essential tool for managing your messaging apps and ensuring timely responses, regardless of the platform or situation.

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