Static Shift Racing Mod


Timbo Jimbo
July 9, 2023
52 MB
Android 8.0 and Up
Google Play

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Static Shift Racing Mod is a thrilling racing game that has been developed to provide players with an exciting and dynamic racing experience. The game is developed by a team of expert developers who have put in a lot of effort to create a game that is both engaging and entertaining.

The game features a range of high-speed vehicles that players can race across a range of challenging tracks. Players can choose from a range of different cars, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. From high-speed sports cars to powerful off-road vehicles, there is a car for every type of racing enthusiast.

The tracks in Static Shift Racing are designed to be challenging and demand a high level of skill and precision from players. Each track is set in a different location, ranging from windy mountain roads to the desert plains. Players must navigate around obstacles, avoid crashes, and use their driving skills to stay ahead of their opponents.

One of the most exciting features of Static Shift Racing is the ability to upgrade and customize vehicles. Players can upgrade their car’s engine, suspension, brakes, and other components to make it faster and more powerful. They can also customize their car’s appearance with a range of paint jobs and decals.

The game also features a range of different game modes, including time trials, career mode, and multiplayer mode. Players can compete against each other in real-time, or they can compete against the clock to set new records on each track.

Overall, Static Shift Racing is an excellent racing game that offers a lot of value to players. Whether you’re looking for a challenging racing experience or just want to have some fun, this game has something for everyone. So if you love racing games, be sure to check out Static Shift Racing – you won’t be disappointed!

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Nitro