Rio Crime City Mod


Naxeex Action & RPG Games
May 19, 2023
98 MB
Android 4.4 and up
Google Play

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Rio Crime City Mod is a free gangster action game where every person is out for themselves. You have arrived in this metropolis with the goal of earning money using your skills.

Show the rest of the gangsters that you are a respected mafia man. Test your abilities as an auto thief and experience a unique gaming journey in a third-person shooter. Can you become one of the inhabitants of this dangerous city? Take on the challenges of an open 3D world.

Complete the main game missions to gain experience and resources. Before starting missions, ensure that you have enough ammunition for your gun. This will help you in street fights. If desired, you can double the mission reward. Track important tasks through the city’s mini-map, which marks them with distinct icons.

In addition to the missions, you can simply have fun in the city. Arrange races around the metropolis using various vehicles. Shoot down fences, traffic lights, and much more. Explore the ships docked in the bay, who knows what secrets you might discover there? Try capturing one of the military bases, as you will receive great rewards if successful.

Chase your favorite car or motorcycle, engage in street shootouts, and protect your territory from rival gangs. Escape from police harassment and find chests scattered throughout the city to claim rewards. Shoot the chests to unlock the loot inside.

Upgrade your favela character to always be the best in terms of dexterity, accuracy, stamina, and strength. You will also need the ability to handle weapons and drive various vehicles.

Game achievements will guide your progress in the right direction. Earn achievements and receive rewards for completing them.

The game is built on an expanded version of the game engine, offering more thoughtful, dynamic, and realistic mechanics. The traffic system and NPC interactions have been improved.

There is a wide selection of items available for your mafia gangster. Acquire cool things and learn how to use them effectively. Don’t miss out on discounts for certain products. You have access to a clothing store, an outfit and protective gear store, and an arms shop.

For any task, you can purchase different types of vehicles:

– Bicycle: Ride around the city without haste, enjoying the sights and performing tricks.

– Sports car: Drive at high speeds, the fastest way to get around the city.

– Powerful truck: Provides excellent protection from bullets in the city and allows you to break through any barriers.

– Airplane: Fly over the city, perform daring maneuvers, and land at specific locations.

– Combat helicopter: A formidable weapon that allows you to infiltrate protected areas and eliminate opponents.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money & Gems