Prison Empire Tycoon Mod

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September 19, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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Unlimited Money


Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – Can you control a jail and become a jail investor? Hold the reins of the business and become rich changing detainees all throughout the planet.

Begin running a little low-security jail and strive to make your standing develop. Improve everything about transform your unobtrusive prison into a high-security jail with the most risky detainees leveled out.

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – Manage the requirements of your offices and take the appropriate choices to grow your business with no interior contentions. Expand the jail yard, tweak the organization division, give security hardware to the watchmen, or even improve the cells’ ventilation. Each and every decision will affect your prison. Put away your inactive cash insightfully.


Detainees have markers of individual characteristics that you ought to control to keep away from uproars and break plans. Overhaul their cells, or add better beds and increment their solace; get some shelves, assemble a b-ball court, or introduce some pay phones to keep them engaged; spend your benefits in have a superior kitchen and better suppers so you will have very much sustained prisoners; keep the offices clean and get new showers to keep up great cleanliness.

Deal with YOUR STAFF:

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – Your jail will require a productive working group. Study the circumstance and recruit or fire laborers relying upon your work process and your development methodology. Utilize kitchen faculty, specialists, developers, janitors or watchmen, just as office laborers. Every office will cover fundamental necessities in your business, and you ought to deal with your group shrewdly to make your prison productive.

Put resources into YOUR FACILITIES:

Detainees and staff need an extraordinary chief with a decent vision for advancement. Improve and overhaul the staff divisions to have better working conditions: support room, workplaces, kitchen, hospital, pantry, or the security quarter. Remember about detainees: overhaul their showers, the jail yard, open new areas, add cell modules, improve the meeting room and the flask. Assume responsibility for the water and power supplies and make your prison more agreeable.


Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – Keep a decent standing by controlling uproars and battling. Run your jail carefully to keep your convicts glad and give great security hardware to your watchmen. Know about risky hostages that could attempt to get away and utilize the segregation cell if fundamental.


Bring in cash and make inactive benefits because of the transformation of detainees. The public authority and society will be glad for you! Cause your standing to develop on account of your business technique and get offers to run greater penitentiaries.

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod – In the event that you like administration and inactive games, you will appreciate Prison Empire Tycoon! An easygoing simple to-play game where vital choices must be taken to grow a jail business with productive outcomes. Improve your domain beginning from a little and unassuming prison and open apparent advancement in your premises. Change your private company into the best high-security jail on the planet and become the best jail administrator all throughout the planet!