PC Creator 2 Mod


February 9, 2024
156 MB
Android 5.1 and Up
Google Play

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PC Creator 2 Mod is a simulation game for gamers who love to build their own PCs. It was developed by UltraAndre and can be played on Windows PC and Android mobile devices. The game allows players to build and customize virtual PCs, with the aim of creating the ultimate gaming rig.

In PC Creator 2, players start by selecting components for their PC, such as a CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, and storage devices. As they progress through the game, they can unlock new components that are more powerful, allowing them to build more advanced and high-performance PCs.

One of the key features of PC Creator 2 is the ability to benchmark the newly-built PCs to see how well they perform in real-life scenarios. This includes running benchmarks for gaming performance and general productivity tasks, such as video editing or 3D rendering.

The game also includes a career mode, where players can start their own PC building business. They can hire staff, manage finances, and expand their business by building custom PCs for clients.

Another interesting feature of PC Creator 2 is the ability to customize the appearance of the virtual PC. Players can select different case designs, lighting options, and even add custom stickers or logos to make their PC unique.

Overall, PC Creator 2 is an engaging and fun simulation game that appeals to gamers interested in computer hardware and building their own PCs. With its well-designed interface and realistic component options, this game offers a great experience for players who are passionate about technology.

PC Creator 2 Games Features

1. Build your own PC: In this game, you can build your own custom PC from scratch using a variety of components like motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and more.

2. Realistic components: The game features realistic components from popular brands like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and more, which you can use to build your dream computer.

3. Customization: You can customize your PC with different colors, cases, and accessories to make it unique.

4. Overclocking: You can overclock your CPU and GPU to enhance their performance, but be careful not to damage your components!

5. Benchmarking: You can test your PC’s performance by running benchmark tests and comparing your scores with other players.

6. Virtual shop: You can buy and sell PC components in the virtual shop to earn money and upgrade your PC.

7. Career mode: You can start your own PC building business and compete with other companies to become the best in the industry.

8. Challenges: There are various challenges in the game that you can complete to earn rewards and test your skills.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Note: Money increases when spent