PC Creator 2 Mod


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July 11, 2024
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Android 5.1 and Up

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Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Note: Money increases when spent


PC Creator 2 Mod, PC Building Sim is an engaging simulation game, where players can dive into the world of computer building and management. This sequel to the popular PC Creator game enhances the experience with more detailed graphics, expanded features, and deeper gameplay mechanics. Players can assemble custom PCs, troubleshoot hardware issues, and manage a computer repair business. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just curious about PC building, PC Creator 2 offers an immersive and educational experience.

Features PC Creator 2

1. Detailed PC Assembly: Build custom PCs from scratch using a wide range of components, including motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and storage devices. Learn about each part and its role in the system.

2. Business Management: Run your own PC repair and building shop. Take on customer orders, diagnose problems, and provide solutions to earn money and grow your business.

3. Upgrading and Customization: Upgrade your workbench and tools to improve efficiency. Customize your shop and workspace to reflect your style.

4. Realistic Simulation: Experience realistic hardware and software interactions. Install operating systems, drivers, and software, and deal with potential compatibility issues.

5. Wide Range of Components: Access a comprehensive catalog of real-world PC parts from various manufacturers. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and innovations.

6. Client Interactions: Communicate with customers, negotiate prices, and build a reputation for quality service. Satisfy clients to receive positive reviews and more business.

7. Educational Value: Gain practical knowledge about computer hardware, assembly processes, and troubleshooting techniques.

How to Play PC Creator 2 Mod

1. Start Your Business: Begin by setting up your PC repair and building shop. Familiarize yourself with the game’s interface and available tools.

2. Accept Orders: Take on customer requests for PC builds, upgrades, and repairs. Review the requirements and budget for each order.

3. Assemble PCs: Select the appropriate components for each build. Follow the assembly process step-by-step, ensuring compatibility and proper installation.

4. Troubleshoot Issues: Diagnose hardware and software problems in client PCs. Use diagnostic tools to identify and fix issues, from faulty components to software glitches.

5. Manage Resources: Balance your budget by purchasing parts wisely and charging customers for your services. Upgrade your tools and shop to handle more complex tasks.

6. Expand Your Business: Grow your reputation by completing orders successfully and earning positive reviews. Hire additional staff and expand your services to handle more clients.

7. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the latest tech trends and component releases. Incorporate new parts into your builds to offer cutting-edge solutions to your customers.

8. Interact with Customers: Communicate with clients to understand their needs and preferences. Provide excellent service to build a loyal customer base.


PC Creator 2 – PC Building Sim offers a comprehensive and realistic simulation of the PC building and repair industry. With its detailed assembly process, business management elements, and educational value, it provides an engaging experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of computer hardware or enjoy the challenge of running a tech business, PC Creator 2 delivers an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience. Dive into the world of PC building, satisfy your customers, and grow your virtual tech empire with PC Creator 2.