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How to install My Little Universe Mod 1.23.1 APK from

1. Uninstall your APK from PlayStore if you have.

2. Tap the download button My Little Universe Mod 1.23.1 APK file (Recommended using Google Chrome browser to active JavaScript timer).

3. After completed download APK from, tap install APK.

4. Allow installing applications from unknown source installation in Android settings (device & privacy)

5. Follow the steps installation on the screen. Enjoy!

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My Little Universe Mod – MY LITTLE UNIVERSE – WANT TO PLAY GOD? Lose all sense of direction in your own little universe

Making a world is difficult, however it’s absolutely an entire heap of fun, as you’ll discover in this energizing relaxed worldbuilding experience game. It takes mining, making, logging, burrowing, refining, development and a little planting to make the ideal planet, and you’ll need to do all that while warding off primitive beasts aim on stopping your heavenly arrangement.

Outfitted with simply a pickaxe and the all-powerful strength of your arms, get down to accomplishing a divine being’s work and construct a universe of marvel in this habit-forming, unique activity game that will keep you making for far over seven days.


My Little Universe Mod – First and foremost there was a little orange man in a rocket transport, and in the end there’ll be an entire magnificent planet worked with simply those small orange hands. Get mining, store up 15 distinct sorts of assets and go through them with boundless insight to make a wonderful planetary heaven that can luxuriate in your heavenly generosity.

Thor has his sledge, Neptune has his pike, and in this game you have a strong pickaxe that is similarly as adroit at fending off beasts for what it’s worth at breaking rocks, burrowing for minerals and digging for gold. Redesign it through eight unique levels to work on your heavenly efficiency, and gather much more assets to continue to construct.

As civilization creates under your careful focus, you’ll get the opportunity to set up modern offices to smelt metal, process minerals and make a further eight sorts of weapon that will help you in your heavenly specialties, incorporating a hatchet with eight distinct degrees of progress and the interesting Excalibur sword to strike the dread of god into your huge rivals.

My Little Universe Mod – Expand and broaden with 10 unique sorts of in-game climate to construct, investigate and exploit as you move in secretive ways to make your actual planetary heaven. Yet, look out for beasts – 8 sorts of foe including accursed snowmen, disagreeable ents, and outsider parasitic adversaries are altogether out to stop your authentic aims.

Simple however alluring illustrations and a rich soundscape add to the allure of this straightforward yet retaining kind intersection mining game where you compose your own creation fantasy.


My Little Universe Mod – Have you of late lost all your jollity? All things considered, you’ll find jollity galore, alongside long periods of activity and experience, in My Little Universe. Take a sterile projection and transform it into a lovely, sprouting planet that would make any god glad to be its lord. Burrow, cleave, create, crush, mine and battle your way of divining effortlessness and a little universe all of your own.

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