Live or Die Survival Mod


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January 17, 2023
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Android 5.1 and Up

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Mod Features

  • Free Craft


Live or Die Survival Mod – Live or Die Survival is a post end times game about endurance with zombie and things. The game joins components of RPG, endurance test system, shooting match-ups and activity. Begun keep going day on the planet, days gone zombies end times. Get by and investigate the open world games, fabricate and redesign your haven, construct base guard, construct a cruiser, assemble resourses, create, complete zombies end times journey, kill freak and left to get by. Keep the guidelines of survie and attempt to make due in a post end times shooter game.

Includes Live or Die Survival Zombie Endurance Games:

  • in excess of 100 things
  • end of the world survivor missions
  • investigation of dugouts
  • attacks on different survivors

Live or Die Survival Mod – Rules of endurance in Live or Bite the dust:

Assemble assets with a hatchet, pickaxe or different instruments

Assets close safe house, in a tracked down chest or into the dead. Wood and stone are great materials for cover, assemble it. While you’ll investigate the open world, you’ll likewise have the option to track down apparatuses, weapons, and other imperative assets.

Have a go at hunting and develop food

Live or Die Survival Mod – Try not to starve to get by. Begin hunting. Plant your own yields and develop good food.

Make endurance create apparatuses, weapons and protection

Our endure game is capricious: the casualty can continuously turn into a tracker. Make power weapons like AK-47, M4, SVD, Pistol, UZI, Glock, and so on, and forever be prepared to get by!

Assemble and redesign cover

Live or Die Survival Mod – Focus on the state of your home structure, that assists making due in an open world games with numerous zombies. Carry your safe house to a condition of endurance. The development framework in zombie game doesn’t restrict you.

Update your survivor in our shooting match-up

Increment your survivability by finding, improving and endurance make protective layer and work on your condition of endurance. Assets can be found into the dead.

Zombie guard: safeguard sanctuary or base protection

You should create and battle for your life significantly more frantically, on the grounds that this is a survivor like dayz with pretending components from the third individual. The survivors are currently joined by zombies who need to go after your structure. There’s no place to run, so prepare to shoot and safeguard your home!

Investigate the open world

Live or Die Survival Mod – Highlights in our shooting match-ups is the capacity to make a bike. Plane accidents, army installations, dugouts, different survivors, deserted covers, freaks. After the keep going day on the planet, there were a ton of lost things abandoned. As you investigate the open world, you can track down assets, as well as upgrades for your home and bike.

Become familiar with the set of experiences life after survie of the end times

An obscure disaster transformed the world into a perpetual desert first light of zombies period. Days after the end of the world the remainder of us are searching for covers and different survivors to join together. The assignment of our zombie games is to figure out reality with regards to what occurred and how to save the world from zombies.

Keep every one of the guidelines of endurance and perhaps see life after the end times…



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