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Oh BiBi
January 8, 2024
148 MB
Android 5.0 and Up
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Frag Pro Shooter Mod is a popular multiplayer first-person shooting game. It’s a fast-paced game that allows players to choose their own heroes and weapons to compete against others in real-time PVP battles.

About Frag Pro Shooter

In this game, players are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of characters each with their own unique abilities and powers. The game has over 70 different heroes, each with their own distinct personality, strengths and weaknesses. The characters can be earned by simply playing, or they can be purchased using in-game currency.

The aim of Frag Pro Shooter is to eliminate the opponent team, and the team with most kills wins. Players must use their weapons strategically, taking advantage of power-ups and bonuses that can be found in the game’s various maps. These power-ups include health, shields, and ammo, which can give players the edge they need to take down their enemies.

The game’s graphics are stunning, offering a high-quality, 3D environment with smooth gameplay. It’s also easy-to-learn but hard to master, meaning that players of different skills sets can enjoy the game. Moreover, it has easy-to-use controls and players can navigate through the game’s menus with ease.

How to play Frag Pro Shooter

1. Install Frag Pro Shooter on your device.

2. Choose your character: Once you start the game, you can choose your character from a list of heroes. Each hero has unique abilities, weapons, and strengths. Choose the one that suits your play style the most.

3. Choose your game mode: Frag Pro Shooter offers different game modes such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Control Point. Choose the mode that you want to play.

4. Learn the controls: The game uses a virtual joystick and button setup to control your character. Spend some time learning the controls, moving your character, aiming and firing.

5. Play the game: Once you’ve chosen your character, game mode, and familiarized yourself with the controls, you can start playing. Try to aim for headshots, use your character’s unique abilities, and work together with your team to win the game.

6. Earn rewards: Frag Pro Shooter offers rewards such as coins, gems, and new characters for completing certain objectives in the game. Collect these rewards to level up your character and progress through the game.


Frag Pro Shooter is an entertaining and engaging first-person shooter game that has quickly grown in popularity since its release. Its unique characters, gameplay modes, and stunning graphics make it an addictive game that you can play for hours.

Mod Features

  • God Mode
  • 1 Shot kill
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited coin & diamond
  • Many more

Warning: Risk banned. use a new account to try!

How to avoid getting ban?

Don't use too many diamonds. when shopping use offline/airplane mode. after you get enough coins and gems and the items you need, please replace them with the original apk version