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November 23, 2023
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Android 6.0 and Up
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CCleaner Mod for Android: Enhance Performance and Clean Your Device

CCleaner for Android is a powerful application designed to optimize and improve the performance of your Android phone or tablet. Developed by the creators of the renowned PC and Mac cleaning software, CCleaner, this app offers a comprehensive set of tools to clean junk, reclaim storage space, and boost the overall efficiency of your device.

Optimize and Clean

With CCleaner for Android, you can speed up your device by safely removing junk files. It allows you to clean the application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and more. By eliminating unnecessary files and data, you can free up valuable storage space and ensure smoother operation of your device.

Reclaim Storage Space

The app offers a thorough analysis of your device’s storage space, enabling you to identify and optimize areas where storage is being underutilized. You can easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications to reclaim space and clear out outdated and residual files that may be taking up valuable storage resources.

Speed up Your Device

CCleaner for Android provides effective tools to accelerate your device’s performance. The Task Killer feature allows you to quickly terminate running tasks and clean memory, optimizing the RAM usage. Additionally, the App Hibernation feature prevents background apps from running until you manually open them, further enhancing device speed and efficiency.

Boost Performance and Battery Life

To improve performance and extend battery life, CCleaner for Android offers various options. You can disable unused features that consume resources, clean up your device’s RAM to free up memory, and even set battery usage profiles that automatically adjust based on your location, such as home, work, or car. These optimizations ensure a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Analyze Applications’ Impact

CCleaner for Android helps you analyze the impact of individual applications on your device. It provides insights into app data consumption, battery usage, and identifies any unused applications. The App Manager feature allows you to easily uninstall or manage applications, ensuring that your device remains clutter-free and optimized.

Optimize Photo Storage

Managing photos on your device is made easier with CCleaner for Android. It helps you find and remove similar, old, and low-quality photos, such as overexposed, underexposed, or blurry images. Additionally, you can optimize file sizes through various compression levels, preserving the quality while saving space. The app also facilitates the deletion of photos from private chats, maintaining your privacy.

Monitor Your System

CCleaner for Android offers comprehensive system monitoring features. You can check CPU usage to identify any performance bottlenecks, monitor RAM and internal storage space utilization, and keep an eye on battery levels and temperature. This information allows you to stay informed about your device’s health and performance.

Easy to Use

CCleaner for Android features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and optimize your device with just a few clicks. The app is designed to be fast, compact, and efficient, minimizing resource usage to provide a smooth and responsive experience. Furthermore, you can personalize the app’s appearance by choosing your preferred color theme.

Disclaimer: CCleaner for Android includes certain battery profiles that are automatically triggered based on your device’s location. To provide this functionality, the app requires access to location data, which will be used in the background. The app will request permission to access this data before utilizing it.

Accessibility Permission: CCleaner for Android utilizes the Accessibility permission to assist disabled users and others in closing background apps with a single tap, simplifying the device management process.

CCleaner for Android is an essential tool for optimizing your device’s performance, reclaiming storage space, and maintaining its efficiency. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it allows you to master your Android device, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

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