Bubble Screen Translate Pro Mod


NIVEN Studio
February 15, 2022
31 MB
Android 5.0 and Up
Google Play

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Bubble Screen Translate Pro Mod – Transform your screen into a multilingual powerhouse with the ability to instantly translate any text displayed in your native language. Whether you’re browsing the web, using social media, playing games, viewing photos, or working on documents, this tool has got you covered.

With its user-friendly interface and adaptability, Bubble Screen Translate Pro Mod makes translation a breeze. Experience lightning-fast translations with a mere three-second wait, and witness all the text on your screen magically transformed.

Rest assured, translation comes at no cost and ensures your safety. We utilize cutting-edge machine learning models to guarantee the utmost precision in translation accuracy.


1. Translate within various apps: Seamlessly translate text from within different applications.

2. On-screen text translation: Translate text directly on your smartphone screen, eliminating the need for copy-pasting.

3. Game screen translation: Effortlessly translate text appearing in games.

4. Detect and translate copied text: Instantly recognize and translate text that you’ve copied.

5. Copy translated text: Easily copy the translated text for further use.

6. Floating Bubble Translation: Experience the convenience of a floating translation bubble that hovers on your screen.

7. Screen translation: Scan and translate text displayed on your screen.

8. Text recognition: Identify and extract text from images using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Bubble Screen Translate Pro Mod empowers you to break language barriers and explore the world of seamless communication. Say goodbye to language limitations with this versatile translation tool at your fingertips.

Mod Features

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