Bloons TD Battles Mod


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ninja kiwi
July 6, 2024
116 MB
Android 4.4 and Up

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Mod Features

Unlimited Money / Medallions


Bloons TD Battles Mod is a highly engaging and addictive tower defense game that offers thrilling head-to-head battles between players. Developed by the creators of the immensely popular Bloons TD 5, this game takes the tower defense genre to new heights with its multiplayer focus and exciting gameplay.

In Bloons TD Battles, players take on the role of monkeys defending against waves of bloons (balloons) that are trying to break through their defenses. What sets this game apart is the intense competitive element, as you face off against other players in real-time battles. The goal is to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent by strategically placing monkey towers, upgrading them, and launching powerful attacks to sabotage their progress.

The game features an impressive array of 22 monkey towers, each with unique abilities and strengths. As you progress and earn in-game currency, you can unlock and upgrade these towers, unlocking powerful enhancements that can turn the tide of battle. With 8 upgrades available for each tower, you have the freedom to customize your strategy and adapt to different opponents and situations.

Bloons TD Battles offers multiple game modes to keep the action fresh and exciting. In Assault Mode, you actively manage your defenses while simultaneously sending bloons directly at your opponent, testing your multitasking and strategic decision-making skills. Defensive Mode, on the other hand, challenges you to build a strong income and endurance to outlast your opponent’s relentless assaults. Battle Arena Mode takes things up a notch with high-stakes battles where the winner takes all the glory. And for those who enjoy card-based gameplay, Card Battles Mode allows you to construct a deck of tower and bloon cards to outwit and overcome your rival.

The game also includes a variety of tracks, each with its own layout and obstacles, adding an extra layer of challenge and variety to the battles. From dense jungles to frozen tundras, you’ll encounter a wide range of environments that require strategic thinking and adaptation.

Additionally, Bloons TD Battles features a robust social component, allowing you to create and join private matches with your Facebook friends. This feature enables you to test your skills and compete against people you know, adding a personal touch to the competitive experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned tower defense enthusiast or new to the genre, Bloons TD Battles offers an immersive and thrilling multiplayer experience. With its intuitive gameplay, vast array of towers and upgrades, and the constant thrill of facing off against real opponents, this game guarantees hours of strategic fun. So, gather your monkeys, devise your battle plan, and jump into the world of Bloons TD Battles!