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June 10, 2024
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AutoResponder for WA Mod is a mobile application that enables users to automate and manage their WhatsApp messages. this app is designed to help users save time and streamline their communication on the popular messaging platform.

About AutoResponder for WA Mod

One of the key features of AutoResponder for WA is its ability to set up automatic replies. Users can create personalized responses and set specific triggers or keywords that will prompt the app to send the pre-configured reply. This is particularly useful for busy individuals or businesses who receive a high volume of messages and want to provide quick and consistent responses.

The app allows users to customize their automated responses by adding variables like contact names, time, and date. This feature ensures that the replies appear personalized and relevant to the specific message received.

AutoResponder for WA also offers a scheduling feature, which allows users to set specific times or days when automated replies should be active. This is handy for managing business hours and ensuring that messages received outside of those hours receive an appropriate response.

Furthermore, the app includes a powerful “Rules” feature that enables users to create complex response patterns. Users can set different rules based on message content, sender, or time received. This feature allows for more advanced automation and efficient management of different types of communication.

AutoResponder for WA provides an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and configure. Users can easily enable or disable automated responses, manage rules, and review message logs within the app. The app also provides statistics and insights, such as the number of messages replied to, allowing users to assess the efficiency and impact of their automated responses.

The app is designed to work seamlessly with WhatsApp and integrates directly with the messaging platform. Users do not need to open the AutoResponder app separately; instead, it runs in the background, monitoring and responding to incoming messages automatically.

Additionally, AutoResponder for WA offers a “White List” feature where users can specify certain contacts or groups that will not receive automated replies. This ensures that important or specific conversations are not interrupted by automated responses.

Features of AutoResponder for WA

1. Auto-Reply to WhatsApp or WA Business: The app enables automatic replies to incoming messages on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, allowing you to maintain communication even when you’re busy.

2. Individually Customizable: The auto-replies can be personalized and customized based on your preferences. You can create unique responses for different messages and contacts.

3. Automation Tools: AutoResponder for WA includes various automation tools to enhance your messaging experience. These tools allow you to set up specific triggers, schedule responses, and create rules for different types of messages.

4. React to All Messages When Busy: The app ensures that you never miss an important message, even when you’re occupied. It automatically responds to incoming messages, keeping the conversation going.

5. Send Replies to Specific Messages: You can configure the app to send replies to specific messages based on keywords or triggers. This feature allows for targeted and relevant responses.

6. Welcome Message for New Chats: AutoResponder for WA offers the option to set up a welcome message for new chats, creating a professional and engaging first impression.

7. Live Answer Replacements: The app allows you to include dynamic variables like time and name in your automated responses, making them more personalized and natural.

8. Compatibility with Contacts, Groups, and Unknown Numbers: The app works seamlessly with WhatsApp contacts, groups, and even unknown numbers, ensuring that all messages receive appropriate responses.

9. Ignore and Specify Contacts and Groups: You can specify certain contacts or groups to be ignored by the auto-responder, ensuring that important conversations are not interrupted.

10. Automatic Scheduler with Delay: AutoResponder for WA features an automatic scheduler with a delay option. You can set a specific time delay for responses, ensuring timely and appropriate replies.

11. Integration with AI Services: The app supports integration with AI services like ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and, enabling advanced automated conversations.

12. Tasker Plugin Compatibility: AutoResponder for WA functions as a plugin for Tasker, which is an automation tool. This integration allows for even more versatile automation and customization options.

13. Backup Rules: The app provides the ability to back up your set rules, ensuring easy recovery and safeguarding of your automation configurations.

14. Personal Agent for Business: AutoResponder for WA can serve as a personal agent for your business, managing communication and providing automated responses on your behalf.

15. Unlimited Possibilities: The app offers extensive features and customization options, allowing you to create unique and powerful automation configurations. Almost anything is possible with this bot!

16. Continuous Updates: The app developers regularly release updates and new features, ensuring that you have access to the latest advancements and enhancements in automation for WhatsApp.

AutoResponder for WA provides a comprehensive set of features and advantages that streamline and automate your WhatsApp messaging. With its customizable replies, automation tools, and integration with AI services, the app offers endless possibilities to enhance your messaging experience.


AutoResponder for WA is a useful tool for individuals and businesses looking to automate and streamline their WhatsApp communication. With its features for automated replies, scheduling, rule customization, and message management, the app helps users save time and maintain efficient and consistent communication on the platform.